We are a young Bulgarian company that offers the latest engineering solutions for treating industrial wastewater from small and medium-sized manufacturing plants from the food industry. We also offer custom designed compact domestic wastewater treatment plants, suitable for buildings and establishments which are not connected to a centralized sewerage system, like single family homes, villas, office buildings, gasoline stations, family hotels, motels, restaurants and lodges.


We are a subsidiary company of the Japanese SWATO Inc. , which has 25 years of experience in providing products and services in the field of water treatment and water reuse. Thanks to this long experience, from which our Bulgarian team learns as well, gained in a country with an extremely competitive market and demanding customers, such as Japan, we are confident that we can offer our clients final solutions to their problems.


Our wastewater treatment plants are factory-made in Bulgaria under strict quality control of the manufacturing process, as well as of the finished products. Besides design and manufacturing, our services include on-site plant delivery, initial placing in service, complete plant maintenance and 24 hour real time remote monitoring of all our WWTPs.

Why trust us?

Efficient treatment technology

that continues to prove itself for more than 30 years on a world-wide scale

Complete and reliable maintenance

for ensuring a safe and problem-free long term operation of our WWTPs

24/7 strict remote control

of every plant and its treatment efficiency for a cleaner environment

Quality, guaranteed by us

of our products and services by the strictest Japanese standards for your complete satisfaction

АН Аква Нетуърк официално лого с изгряващо слънце

AN Aqua Network Ltd. is a subsidiary company of the Japanese SWATO Inc. , which specializes in custom design of compact wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as other products and services from the field of water treatment. Our company`s policy is completely in line with the traditional Japanese practices for strict quality control, long-term maintenance and prioritization of the custumer`s needs and wishes. At the same time, by incorporating the latest technologies in the field of water treatment, AN Aqua Network strives to always provide its clients the most fitting and reasonable solution to their problems.

Find us at:

+359892 388 970
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