Asahi Jokaso Family

"Asahi Jokaso Family" are individually designed small wastewater treatment plants, suitable for domestic wastewaters from single-family homes and villas, commercial buildings, gasoline stations, family hotels, motels, restaurants, mountain lodges and other sites without a centralized sewer system. The treatment technology is based on denitrification - nitrification type of biological treatment; however it can be further combined with other chemical and/or mechanical treatment methods according to the client`s needs and desires.
You can read in detail about the treatment technology here.


WWTP "Asahi Jokaso Family" do not need to be initially filled with any microorganisms (active sludge), detergents or special substances, nor need to have the media changed periodically. In the case that there will be no influent entering the plant for a certain period of time, it is necessary only for the blowers to be turned on to ensure that the media has oxygen to survive. For longer periods of time with no influent (like a whole season), after the wastewater starts to regularly flow into the plant again, the treatment process will start again by itself.
However, if the client wishes to speed up the activation, our staff is always ready to help by providing bacteria additives.

Asahi Jokaso Industry

“Asahi Jokaso Industry” compact wastewater treatment plants are suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturing plants from the food industry, which do not have access to a central sewer system, or need additional wastewater treatment before discharging into the sewer, such as wineries and dairy products manufacturing facilities. Their treatment technology is based on the combination of denitrification – nitrification with microfiltration through the implementation of membrane bioreactors (MBRs).


MBRs are a modern technological solution for treating wastewaters, which combines biological processes of dissolved organic matter and membrane filtration. Membrane bioreactors are extremely efficient for removing organic and inorganic substances, as well as for reducing pathogenic organisms. Some of the advantages of MBRs over the conventional treatment methods include providing an alternative water disinfection solution to chlorination, and also the possibility to build a much more compact treatment system at sites with a limited available space.
Here you can read in detail about the basic treatment technology.


Our WWTPs have a variety of different sensors integrated in them, according to the specifications of a given site. They include sensors for dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity, for monitoring the work of the blowers and pumps, etc. Using GPRS, they transmit in real time the measured data to a central server, to which our maintenance staff has access. This allows us to monitor and control the treatment efficiency of all our plants, and at the same time to timely react and repair, change and/or clean them if need be.

Remote monitoring system:

Telemetry System fo Wastewater Treatment Plant Asahi Jokaso Industry


Each of our WWTPs is designed according to the volume and characteristics of the sites wastewater in such a way, as to allow for a maximum amount of retainment time in every single chamber. This ensures a consistent flow of the influent inside the plant, and guarantees high efficiency of the whole treatment process. Furthermore, the big volume of the sedimentation chambers means a big capacity for the storing of sludge, lowering the frequency of sludge removal to the minimum. With Asahi Jokaso Family, this also means that each plant is able to withstand long periods of overload without a problem (for example if there are guests visiting and the volume of the wastewater suddenly increases and exceeds the designated load.)


Our wastewater treatment plants are made 100% from glass-reinforced plastic, commonly known as fiberglass, an extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant material. You can rest assured that every plant is robust and has a long product life-span (“Asahi Jokaso”, manufactured by the same technology, have been functioning without problems for more than 25 years in Japan). We manufacture our products in a local factory, in order to deliver them fast and easy, ready to be installed on the site. At the same time, this enables us to reduce the initial investment cost for our clients.

Why should you choose "Asahi Jokaso" WWTP?

Custom design according to Your every need
Water reuse made possible
Trouble & worry-free
Long product lifetime
Proven Japanese technology
АН Аква Нетуърк официално лого с изгряващо слънце

AN Aqua Network Ltd. is a subsidiary company of the Japanese SWATO Inc. , which specializes in custom design of compact wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as other products and serv address ices from the field of water treatment. Our company`s policy is completely in line with the traditional Japanese practices for strict quality control, long-term maintenance and prioritization of the custumer`s needs and wishes. At the same time, by incorporating the latest technologies in the field of water treatment, AN Aqua Network strives to always provide its clients the most fitting and reasonable solution to their problems.

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